All from Fabrics
All for Your Needs

NaRaYa creates a wide variety of products from different fabrics,
to serve the needs of customers at all age levels,
so that they can use these products in all occasions.

A perfect combination of high-quality fabric and exquisite craftsmanship,
can be turned into the finest products for customers.

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NaRaYa since 1989

NaRaYa intends to continuously create and develop new products to serve the needs of both Thai and foreign customers, emphasizing on the quality, functionality, and beauty of its products.

Each of our designs is created to highlight the personal touch of each artisan, which makes every handwoven style a true original.

Ms. Wasna - The Face of NaRaYa
After Narai Intertrade Co., Ltd. was established, Ms. Wasna became the important mainstay of the company in terms of creativity. With the sharp eyes for fashion and beauty, Ms. Wasna advises the creative and design team about choosing the colors, patterns and textures of NaRaYa handbags. This can be viewed as the initial reason behind the success of NaRaYa.

Ms. Wasna is always open-minded and willing to accept new ideas. This broad-mindedness has a creative effect on our products, which, after their initial introduction, evolve over time -to include slightly different designs, colors, or patterns. -Furthermore, numerous types of materials have been changed to be more suitable and modern. This makes NaRaYa products always look exotic , a result of genuine creativity.